The art pieces are each members of a category or type of sculpture. As the project progressed, the pieces took many different shapes, sizes and personalities.


A plant adornment for indoor or moderate outdoor climates.


Portrays the clichè, "What a dickhead!" which refers to something a man says or does that is irritating, ridiculous or sexist. It's a unique version of a penis on a torso.

Guy Body

Prime section of the male body.

The Penisauris™

Penis and dinosaur hybrid. Brings a little humor and levity to the project. also plays on the idea that much male-dominant thinking is outdated - the slow, lumbering inability to change attitudes about equality for women, resistance to changing old ways, macho males rule, etc.

Penisauris™ - Extra Large

Size matters! Seriously though, the visual impact of dozens of sculptures would be less interesting if they were all the same size. Medusa the Gorgon is an audacious signature piece.

Penisauris™ - Gnome

Cute and adorable yard sculptures. Can be placed outdoors except in very harsh climates. They like to travel and must be moved occasionally to keep them happy.


Men are pretty proud of their genitalia, right? Appropriately, the trophy was brought into being. These were the unveiling of the project. The caped ones were the first group created. Trophies have their unique personalities, just like the real ones.

Trophy - Caped

Trophy - Wall Mount