Many of you have contacted me about this sculpture and it appears to be a favorite. This strong guy has been around and has seen a lot. It doesn’t matter whether you are a he-man or the “don’t ask don’t tell” kind of fellow. You all should be acknowledged and appreciated. It has even been suggested that he has kisses all over him, a true sign of affection.


  • 7a Spanky
Spanky is so cute all dressed up with it’s lip ring and cape. Maybe he just needs a little spanking to grow up a bit. One person at the Creole gallery show wanted me to make penises for swingers and thought that Spanky should be the first in a more in-depth look at swinging. 


  • 10a Swan King
I think he is so elegant and regal. Just sitting and waiting for the whim of his female master. Some women would love to have a penis on demand and this guy looks like he would be perfect, kind and sensitive.

Diva is so campy. He looks so comfortable in his wrap of fur just like any other Diva. I love how natural he looks and he seems to be quite ready for a night on the town. I’m sure there are others, both male and female, who can relate to this fun sculpture.