Many people have asked, "What did you use for sources and where did you get it?" In other words, what did I look at to get the particulars I needed? Live models were not practical nor desired. I wanted images of a variety of penises and lots of them. They could be close-ups or they could be of the whole body. I wanted images that were from a cross-section of men. That is - big, small, circumcised, uncircumcised, erect, flaccid, multiple ethnicities, etc. Lots of variety was important but they couldn't be "in action".

When I'd search on the Internet the only images I'd find were on undesirable websites. They were not very helpful and it messed up my computer! A couple friends were willing to surf the Internet to find the images I was looking for. I ended up with two compact discs, each with 500 images. Just exactly what I was looking for 1,000 penises and no two were the same! So please, no more offers for live models.