While Robert was at the gallery, an elderly woman came to see the show and she was in a wheel chair. The woman she was with said that she really wanted to see the show when she heard about it. The odd thing about that was that the elderly woman was blind. Robert, being a kind and gentle soul, set about describing the show to her. He did this by reading the names of each of the sculptures, telling her what colors they were and he let her touch as many as she wanted. She was thrilled at this experience. She loved the shapes and was able to (feel) see the humor of each of the sculptures. She said it had been years since she was able to enjoy the shape of the penis.

While I was at the gallery a woman came up to me and thanked me for doing the project. It turns out that she had been a victim of rape. She said that this was the first time she was able to approach this subject matter. She was thankful for the humor, light- heartedness and also the message of the show. She belonged to a support group and was going to suggest that some of those women also come to see the show. She felt this non-threatening environment was a good way to confront the memories of the penis that were not so pleasant.