We are "on the move" to a show in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This is the last place I ever thought this show would go. Grand Rapids has a reputation of being very conservative and out of the mainstream - not very open to art.

However, one day we got a message on our answering machine from a couple of guys interested in having a show in their gallery. We thought it was a joke when the guy said his name was Jamieson Dick. It turned out not to be a joke and his last name really was Dick. He and his brother ran Studio 71 Gallery in Grand Rapids.

So…the Dick brothers wanted to host The Penis Project by Sue Long. That's pretty funny.

The show opened as planned, with no protests or any other problems.

The night of the opening the local newspaper sent a photographer to cover
the show. However, she was told before she came that she couldn’t take any
pictures. We did get a laugh out of that. She did end up taking a picture of
me that didn't include any artwork. To the papers' credit they did do a nice
article about the show.

The crowd was a bit younger than the last show. I think that the art school
down the street had something to do with it. As word of the show spread more
students wanted to see it.

People seemed to get my message. The feedback was: The message was
meaningful and effective, the colors and glazes were amazing, and the names
of the penises were hilarious.

Woman loved it, men were interested in why I did it, and many felt engulfed
and overwhelmed being surrounded by over a hundred penises in one room.

This of course was just the feeling I wanted them to have. Many people felt
it was about time the penis could and should be talked about.

Interesting Information

A group of male college students were talking about how interesting it was
to view so many different sizes and shapes. They thought it was very
informative. Even though they had a penis of their own they really didn’t
know what others looked like.

So, men as well as women were pleased to be able to view penises in a safe environment.