I love what you're hoping to accomplish with The Project but given the autonomy of the penis and how unnerving this can be for men, I have no difficulty comprehending the discomfort of your would-be male viewers and gallery attendees. 

My fiancé, who is very comfortable with his body and has no difficulties expressing himself sexually, indicated there was no way he could be in a room full of representations of erect penises with women commenting freely on their preferences, laughing and joking all the while, perhaps mentally undressing, titillating him in the process. 

He cited traumatic instances of unwanted spontaneous erections from his youth:

At twelve waiting in line for a relay event at a swim meet when he noticed the bosomy instructor adjusting the straps of her tank suit, letting them snap back, setting her breasts in jiggly motion, the tip of his rigid penis nearly poking out and above the drawstring of his Speedos…

At sixteen having to drop his shorts for his first sports physical with a female nurse and witnessing, to his horror—in all of a nanosecond—his penis filling, rising, and quivering up and along his belly as she manipulated his testes.  Though she in earnest did her best to reassure him that it was a perfectly natural response, no cause for concern, he remained mortified, adamant that he would never, ever go there again with a female healthcare professional…

While I did concede that there was decidedly nothing as conspicuous, as potentially embarrassing as spontaneous penile erection during a woman's gyn exam, I did suggest to my fiancé that it's unfortunate that men tend to avoid certain professional experiences with women out of fear of experiencing this phenomenon.  I asked my female nurse friend about this and she indicated that health care professionals are instructed to accept such an occurrence non- judgmentally and that she herself would welcome more male patients seeking complete healthcare.

I'm a licensed massage therapist and I can tell you from reading of surveys and online forums that many men avoid therapeutic massage for this very reason, fear of erection.  And, yes, as I favor a thin, light sheet covering for my clients as opposed to a thick warming blanket (the body should breath, feel adrift during massage), I can vouch that it does happen, especially with younger male clients; all of the body's contours are plainly revealed under the drape and one can often unmistakably discern a lengthening of that male down-there prominence. 

Hey, massage is a sensual experience and in my book you just can't leave the thighs and buttocks out—they are erogenous zones yet they can also serve as magnets for bodily stress.  So I simply accept a stirring penis as an expression of full body awakening, sensual arousal and leave it at that, move on.

But given the ease with which the masculine reflex is triggered and men's potential for embarrassment at the whim of women should they wish to tease or bring attention to all matters penile—size, appearance, cheerful readiness (virility), you'd think men would be inherently more sensitive to women's insecurities with their bodies and issues of sexual exploitation. 

Hey, it's just that until now women have been too inhibited by societal constraints to express themselves!  Thanks for taking that bold, brazen first step toward raising the fig leaf as both sexes will ultimately be the better for it!

Gosh, your guys are all so cute.  Of all the penises which are your favorites and why?  What's the meaning behind naming two of your men "Best Remembered" and "Trails in the Sand", just curious?  I did a double take when I saw "Allure" as he's a dead ringer for my boyfriend, both in shape and size and, yes, I am a discerning woman so size does matter, Hah! Hah!  Are your purchase list and web site up-to-date, is "Allure" still available?  If he is, I might want to purchase him but will have to check with my boyfriend first, wouldn't want to spring a virtual clone of his phallus on him unawares.  Do you currently have any new shows planned?

Hope to hear back from you soon!  And, BTW, one of your correspondents and site visitors who also happens to be one of my best friends, Phyllis Morehead, shared your personal address with me, hope that's okay.