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Dear Sue

I really had hoped to make it to your opening but circumstances just won't allow for it, my loss. However, I do want to let you know what I think of your work.
I know you have worked on this project for several years, putting in enormous time and energy. In my opinion, what you've ended up creating here is truly extraordinary. "The Penis Project, Exposure and Exploitation of Men" cannot help but evoke reactions in anyone who takes the time to be impressed by these sculptures. From the little Min to the giant Medusa the Gorgon, the individual psychological, social, and cultural significance of this exhibit is remarkable. Yet at the same time it's so amazingly real and serious, it's also playful and humorous. All the while, one is confronted with such crucial issues as culturally influenced gender stereotypes; gender derived social rankings; and the individual psychological gender/sexual representations, conflicts, and compromises that impact all of our lives.

For me, much of the impact of these sculptures seems to derive from the convergence of the incongruities between real and imaginary, serious and humorous, and playful yet significant.

Sue, Kudos to you for having the creativity, insight, courage, and tenacity to generate such a thought provoking, and amusing exhibit.

Ed Gibeau