I love what you're hoping to accomplish with The Project but given the autonomy of the penis and how unnerving this can be for men, I have no difficulty comprehending the discomfort of your would-be male viewers and gallery attendees. 

My fiancé, who is very comfortable with his body and has no difficulties expressing himself sexually, indicated there was no way he could be in a room full of representations of erect penises with women commenting freely on their preferences, laughing and joking all the while, perhaps mentally undressing, titillating him in the process. 

He cited traumatic instances of unwanted spontaneous erections from his youth:

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At Creole Gallery, Lansing, MI

November 6-27, 2005

1. You go girlie

2. Great show! Awesome

3. Fun

4. Ha!

5. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to say Penis with my parents like 100 times today

6. Bravo!

7. Great idea!

8. It was about time!

9. Brilliant - Thanks for exposing the penis.

10. Great show!

11. Love it!!

12. Very wild & the world needs to have such a diversion

13. Great glaze, great statement

14. Wow! I love this!

15. Shockingly great!

16. Great show – too many to pick a favorite. Keep on sculpting!

17. It was great!

18. Oh yes – justice!!

19. Hope you take my suggestion (D&S). Explore – it will be well received!! Loved your show & wish you the best.

20. LONG overdue!! Great!!

21. This was great! We laughed and enjoyed it a lot. Motivated to do some independent research of our own. :) You have done a wonderful and brave job.

22. So happy to bring my 7 & 4 yr.old daughters. They thought it was so funny. I hope to teach them not to be afraid or ashamed of human bodies. Thank you.

23. Wonderful, funny, great art!

24. I applaud you for your talent, courage and message, which is spoken so loud & clear by your art. Thank you!

25. A lovely day for a stroll through the forest.

26. What fun! Thanks.

27. Yes!

28. Great show hope it travels far & wide.

29. Sue, “You did it! Good for you!” I can’t wait to see what your next creative endeavor will be. The glazing is magnificent!

30. Great job!

31. Great concepts- push it!

32. Sweet!

33. No shrinkage with the cold. It’s a good thing.

34. Great show!!!

35. Sooo creative – Bravo!!

36. Wonderful – Touche!

37. Great – it’s about time!

38. Thanks!

39. Amazing!!

40. You go! Girl!!! Great creativity & skill.

41. Great

42. Wow!

43. Fantastic!

44. Awesome Sue!

45. Funny & valuable

46. Wow! Very fun.

47. This display was wonderful! I feel you captured an essence of human nature that many people “feel” is inappropriate and should be kept…in the dark. Your work is powerful and magnetic…congratulations.

48. Thanks.

49. Fabulous!

50. Kudo’s to you Sue! Cheers

51. Gutsy project – congrats!

52. Love the project. Very intriguing.

53. Congrats!

54. Thanks for sharing! It was fun!

55. Love it

56. Wonderful! Cock-a-blockful!

57. I’ve never seen better!

58. What fun!

59. What a hoot!

60. Nice exhibit

61. The “penis project” is great. But having the word “penis” covered with a fig leaf – now that’s a statement.

62. The first time I’ve met a dickhead who didn’t speak! I loved it!

63. A great mother/daughter bonding moment! Thank you.

64. Very interesting!

65. Sue, your daughter Lauren told us about this show. She’s really proud of you.

66. “Orgasmic”

67. “Testacular”

68. Very cute, but based on a mistaken premise of “male domination”. Dominion, in the modern era, is not gender specific, but relates to social class and wealth. (Example: Condoleeza) It is not wise to continue to feed the “battle of the sexes” with these sorts of talking points. Our conquerors have divided us enough already. Wake up, sister.

69. Awesome! You go girl!!!

70. Good sources! for creative life.

71. Loved it. I would love to write poems & ask the Edgewood Church sacred (improv) dancers to perform with it – just 5 minute

At Studio 71 South, Grand Rapids, MI

January 6 – February 4, 2006

1. Amazing! I always thought they were homely until now…

2. Thank you so much for doing something that no one else had the “balls” to do.J

3. Yee! Haa!

4. You’ve confirmed my constant assertion that the male form is beautiful as well.

5. Great display! & art.

6. Great show! Thanks for sharing! I have too many favorites.

7. Brave work! Thanks!

8. Interesting!

9. Loved it all!J

10. Great exhibit! I loved how strong your artwork came across.

11. Wonderful, I love it! One day I will own my very own J Good luck

12. This was an absolutely wonderful experience & I loved every minute. Thank you.

13. Very brave to show reality. Love the equality statement. The glazes are nice too. The whimsy adds interest.

14. For your next installation, expand the merchandising opportunities. Earrings! Robe hooks! Kitchen utensil handles! Mardi Gras beads! It’s a thought.

15. As was said in the movie “Chasing Amy”, everyone needs a little deep dickin’” Thanks for satisfying my need!

16. Absolutely cockalicious!!

17. Nice penis.

18. Where’s the “dick on a rope”?

19. Glad to see a woman brave and open enough to put on such an exhibit of art. Thanks for sharing.

20. Wonderful exhibit – loved the “hands-on” aspect of it – so much so – I now own my own penis! Thanx.

21. What wonderful artwork. It’s crazy to think of where you got the inspiration for some of those. LOL J Keep up the great work. You are very talented.

22. What a great time we had at your gallery. You guys are amazing and I will send all my friends in.

An email conversation between Sue and Leonita

Hello, Sue

I posted in your feedback section back in August, 2006 and wrote the following:

"I echo the sentiments of one of your earlier visitors in that I love the way you've 'feminized' the penis, dressed it up in cloaks and furs, symbolically stating that the fig leaf has been raised, that it's now our penis, the province of female inquiry and contemplation, to do with what we wish.  Though it wasn't one of your stated intentions, perhaps your male viewers will find themselves becoming more comfortable with the aesthetics of male nudity and, in turn, women's discussion of it.

As a fancier of the nude male form I just happened to Google "Penis as art" one day and found your site; what a substantial contribution you've made to modern art, the study of the male nude—just hope you get some recognition, your day in the sun soon! 

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EdD License in Psychology - Certificate in Psychoanalysis Psychoanalysis Psychotherapy Consultation
1320 West Appian Place, Tucson, AZ 85704
(520) 229-1688

Dear Sue

I really had hoped to make it to your opening but circumstances just won't allow for it, my loss. However, I do want to let you know what I think of your work.
I know you have worked on this project for several years, putting in enormous time and energy. In my opinion, what you've ended up creating here is truly extraordinary. "The Penis Project, Exposure and Exploitation of Men" cannot help but evoke reactions in anyone who takes the time to be impressed by these sculptures. From the little Min to the giant Medusa the Gorgon, the individual psychological, social, and cultural significance of this exhibit is remarkable. Yet at the same time it's so amazingly real and serious, it's also playful and humorous. All the while, one is confronted with such crucial issues as culturally influenced gender stereotypes; gender derived social rankings; and the individual psychological gender/sexual representations, conflicts, and compromises that impact all of our lives.

For me, much of the impact of these sculptures seems to derive from the convergence of the incongruities between real and imaginary, serious and humorous, and playful yet significant.

Sue, Kudos to you for having the creativity, insight, courage, and tenacity to generate such a thought provoking, and amusing exhibit.

Ed Gibeau