"Okemos Artist Steals the Key to the Woodshed." This was the title of the article in the Lansing City Pulse about The Penis Project just before the show at Creole Gallery. Written by Mary Cusack. one of my quotes that was used in the article was, “You can’t have equality when half of the equation is hidden, the balance is lacking” I was glad to see that the writer really did get it, and tried to express my point of view, and why I made this show.” She also said about the show, “ Imagining such an exhibit and seeing it are entirely different things, in part because Long’s works are actually quite whimsical. Far from being an offensive, in your face and over-the-top showcase of graphic genitalia, the exhibit instead showcases the unique character and personality of each penis with a sense of sometimes bawdy but almost always affectionate humor. The point here is that there’s power in the hidden, so let’s stop hiding the penis and take a good, hard look at it. Bring it out in the open. Gather round it, gawk at it, and get over it.” Also on the same page as the wonderful photos of the project was the paper's response to a complaint about the art used on the cover of the previous weeks' issue. It was from a woman complaining that a large vessel of Pewabic pottery looked like a big black penis and she was not happy and found it offensive. I wonder how she felt seeing her complaint in the corner on the same page of my article. The Noise, also a city paper that covers the arts, did an article about the Project. The quote that was used in this article I also liked is, “I’m not trying to be a man basher. The show is a social commentary. Its really about women.” They also took some great pictures that were published.