"Social Discourse: An Art Experience" was an invitational art show with an attitude. The exhibit was shown at the Banyan Gallery on Turner St. in Old Town Lansing MI in June and July 2008. In conjunction, the juried part of the show ran though June 2008 at the Lansing Art Gallery. The show explored this idea: If you had one last chance to see original art, would you want it to say something? Terry Terry, the a co-curator of the exhibit at the Banyan Gallery said, " We definitely wanted this exhibit to say something- on topics socially engaging and politically provocative. If you want to see pretty flowers, don't come to this show."

As part of " A World Without Art" - a campaign to get people to think about the importance of art in their lives and how their lives would be changed if there was no art. The galleries presented some of the Midwest's finest artists taking on pressing and important social issues. The Banyan Gallery featured approximately 100 works from 12 artists, ranging from David Korte's chilling take on the atrocities in Uganda to a portion of Sue Long's massive (pun intended) ceramic series, "The Penis Project" by Sue Long was featured at both galleries.